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The Left Versus Right

I bet you thought by my title that this post was about politics. Honestly I am doing my best to focus on other things right now as the world of politics is chaotic at best. Since I left my corporate job, I have been more focused on exercising my creative right side of my brain. Most of my life was spent in the corporate world on linear thinking, fact based processes, analyzing and solving problems . I had very little time to let my creative side grow. I think of my brain like a muscle and my left muscle probably looks like Popeye's huge forearm and my right muscle looks like Olive Oil's arm. I know that they say that you're either left brain or right brain dominant, but that's just limiting our potential in my opinion. Making jewelry has been such a welcome release from my past way of thinking and also a relief from all of the chaos going on in the world right now. I'm sure you're with me in feeling a little anxious and stressed over Covid, politics, and the anarchy we see happening in our cities. I had to finally tune it all out. I turned off the news, stopped reading comments on Facebook that quite frankly were mean and judgmental. At night, I turn up inspiring music and sit at my desk, where I once spent hours on the computer, and work on creating one of a kind, handmade jewelry. My desk is now covered in beads and charms, instead of sticky notes and To Do lists. I think I'm developing a bit of a bead obsession, I guess there are worse things... I get lost in the process of creating my art and finally look at the clock and realize it's midnight and I should get some sleep. What a welcome relief it has been from what is going in the world. I highly recommend shutting off your electronics and exercising your creative, right brain. We all have the ability to create, whether it's painting, writing, making jewelry, or even coloring. My little business that is helping to support all of the animals at Saint Francis Animal Sanctuary and Rescue is off to a great start. Thank you to everyone who has placed orders. I'm enjoying making one of a kind Christmas and Hanukkah

gifts for everyone. Check out my new creations in my online store, I will be adding to my product page daily.


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