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Everyone has a story that is unique and special, it's what makes us interesting as human beings. Our stories contain many chapters and we move from one chapter to the next, hopefully learning and growing from our experiences. I am in the middle of my story and this is where I follow my passions and live a more fulfilled and happy life. I have worked in corporate America for the past thirty plus years and I was recently laid off. This is a story we are hearing often these days due to the pandemic. But it is an age old story, people leave corporate jobs to pursue what makes their soul sing and most of the time, they are glad they did.

I moved to a small farm in Georgia from California five years ago with my Fiancé, his son, four dogs, three horses, and a cat. The trek across country with all of our animals was an experience, to say the least. It was difficult to say goodbye to all of my friends and the beautiful beaches and warm weather in California. However, I always wanted to have a farm and wake up to my horses in the morning. We moved into an older farm house with fenced pastures and a barn on a small lake. With so much room to grow, we began accumulating more animals. Mostly from people who for one reason or the other could not keep their animals. We added goats, pigs, chickens, more horses, another cat, and a donkey. It was a lot of work, but so worth it, because nothing warms my heart more than the pure, positive energy that animals provide. Two and a half years ago, my fiancé suddenly passed away and I found myself managing the farm by myself while maintaining a full time job. It was difficult, but I just kept taking it one day at a time. I learned how to use the equipment and tools, operate a tractor, complete minor maintenance, etc. It's amazing what you can accomplish when you really put your mind to it.

Now I find myself entering a new chapter. For so many years I was defined by my corporate job. When people asked about me, who I was, I was a Director for a major health insurance company. I'm now learning that who we are is in our soul, it's our passions, our love that we bring into this world and share with others. Since I have rescued so many animals over the years, I decided to start a non-profit called, Saint Francis Animal Sanctuary and Rescue Organization. I have a pretty full house right now, but my hopes are that I will have the ability to support more animals in the future. I have a wonderful group of friends who have encouraged me to share my stories, recipes, gardening, and my jewelry with others. The jewelry that you find on this page supports the feeding and care for all of the animals on the farm and is a tax deductible donation. I hope that you enjoy what I have to share. Please join my mailing list or leave me a message so that we can connect.


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